ID-AV Door Entry Panel 

Anti Vandal Panel with keypad and Rfid reader.

the unit can be connected to : 
1. Analog PBX Extension
( connect to PBX extension in PBX )
2. IP / SIP / Cloud PBX 
( connect to an extension of an IP PBX / Cloud-based PBX ) 
3. 5 wires intercom handset 
( connect to every 5 wires intercom handset )
4. 2 wires by an adapter 
( Connect to the telephone line in the house by an adapter and when a call is made the house phones will ring )
5. 2 wires Bus - KIT
( connects by 2 wires to video monitors or handset in the house )

+ Anti Vandal screws + Panel.

+ Stand hard weather.

+ Illuminated calling Push Button.

+ HD camera add-ons


Surface        : 222x122x42
Flush mount : 205x104x32

Suitable to Model number Installation guide
Analog PBX Extension kx-t927-AV
Telephone line waith an adapter DR-200-AV
basic 5 wires handset door entry DR-500-AV
SIP / IP / Cloud pbx KX-T927-AV-SIP



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